A New Species

A while ago I reported the arrival of three new species. Now I am very happy to report that one of the ova from one of my new species, Periphetes graniferum “Samar”, has hatched.

Here are a few pictures of the nymph:


From my research prior to obtaining this species, I came across a startling piece of information: around 50% of the nymphs will not accept bramble as a food plant and will therefore perish. So I decided to adapt a trick that I used to get some of my Lopaphus sp”Cuc Phuong” eating, where I placed a small slice of apple that they will readily consume to encourage them to begin eating and to give them nutrients that would prolong the amount of time they can survive without a proper food plant (apple does not provide the whole nutrition required for survival.

This time, I decide to ‘blend’ together bramble and apple, which is more nutiritous than just apple. The nymph has eaten some of this and I have noticed droppings, indicating that the nymph is now eating. The colouration of the nymph seems to have taken a more green tone and I think I can see evidence on the bramble leaf in the enclosure that the nymph is eating. I shall wait for more nymphs to hatch and see how they take o this method, hopefully none or very few dying from refusal to eat.


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