Phasmid Study Group Meeting

On the 9th of July, I had the pleasure of attending my second Phasmid Study Group meeting. It was a very good day, that saw some fantastic talks and the addition of five new species to my ranks.

The meeting was held at the Natural History Measure, in the Flett Theatre. The meeting began with a welcome and a short, albeit humorous, talk by Paul Brock on a recent trip to Australia that he partook in. The talk acted as an introduction to Beth Ripper, who gave a talk about her expedition to Australia, the research that she conducted over there, the photography of phasmids there by her and her look into the conservation of the Lord Howe Island stick insect; the talk was very informative and was a pleasure to listen to.

After a short break, Dr. Francis Seow-Choen gave a talk about his new book on the phasmids of Borneo, some of the species described in the book and the taxonomy of phasmids in Borneo and the species found there; the talk was rather interesting and many magnificent species of phasmid were mentioned.

Afterwards, we had the pleasure of listening to Joachim Bresseel talk about his expedition to Ba Vi National Park in Vietnam. On the expedition, many new phasmids were discovered, some of which now are fortunately in culture.

The final talk was given by Thies Buscher on using biomimetics with insects, in particular sticky pads found on the feet of phasmids, the variety of sticky pad structures and his research into the correlation between sticky pad structures and egg-laying methods; the talk was very fascinating.

Finally, came the livestock exchange; many great species were up for grabs. I brought home five new species, which will be detailed in my next post, which will hopefully be written more quickly than this post was.

To sum up, this meeting was a great one and I certainly look forward to the next meeting.

IMG_5264 IMG_5266



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