Periphetes graniferum

Many things have occurred since my last post many months ago. Today, however, I can very happily report that my Periphetes graniferum has its first adult pair; Here are some pictures:






I have found this species very interesting to raise and found that it has some very interesting features and behaviours.

For instance, the adult male takes on his final colours in the subadult instar, whilst in many other species that I raise where males undergo a significant colour change when reaching adulthood (such as Oreophoetes peruana, Lopaphus sp “Cuc Phuong” and Marmessoidea sp “Cat Tien” (on which I will report on in a later post)).

In addition to this, the males swing their abdomens up and down whilst walking, which I’m still trying to figure out the reason behind; the females do not display this behaviour.

In addition, adults and larger nymphs in particular will jump/ roll when disturbed very frantically, which is quite a spectacle to watch.

Due to my long hiatus rom posting, there are a lot of update to be made; I will hopefully be posting very regular updates ova the next week and the weeks following.


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