A blue-legged curiosity

This is a species I got at the last PSG meeting in July in the form of young nymphs. It is called Marmessoidea sp “Cat Tien” from Cat Tien National Park in Vietnam. Very recently, I have had my first adult male mature; here is a picture:


This species is rather pretty, with mature specimens displaying blue-black striped legs and a yellow ventral stripe on the underside. This species also possesses a chemical deterrent that isn’t strong as the chemical deterrents for some of my other species (such as Pseudophasma fulvum and Orthomeria kangi, on which you can expect updates in the next post) that is discharged from the underside as opposed to on the top as with my other species. The males and the females are rather similar in this species, with the difference being size.

To summarise, I have found this a very easy species to raise, with no fatalities occurring in my culture. I have found that this species does well in a less humid environment than I keep many of my other species in; I look forward to the first adult female and the first pairing from this species.


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