A Madagascan Wonder

One of the recent species that I’ve hatched and that I’m simply elated to raise is Parectatosoma cf. hystrix “Moramanga”. This is a beautiful species that matures to be predominantly black, with white speckles, with red budwings and with spines all over, making this species a true marvel; one that I have certainly eyed ever since I started keeping phasmids.

And now that I am raising this species, i feel ecstatic. I received 50 ova back in August courtesy of Carim Nahaboo (who illustrates this species and many other beautiful invertebrate species, be sure to take a look at his website at http://www.carimnahaboo.com). At this moment in time I currently have eight nymphs, split between the first instar and the second instar.

Here are a few pictures:

First instar nymph and a second instar nymph:


Adult pair (photography by Carim Nahaboo):


This has always been a species that I’ve wanted to raise, so I hope to succeed in raising these beauties to adulthood.

Be sure to look out for my next post, which will finally be on my second generation of Brasidas foveolatus foveolatus; it is about time this species gets an update!!


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